Customer Safety

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Cargo Systems manufacturers torsion spring assembly systems for cargo trailers.  Located in Elkhart, Indiana.Proper installation is essential for safe, smooth operation.

Customer safety is of utmost importance at Cargo Systems, Inc. Most trailers that feature a ramp style door also include a torsion spring assembly. The torsion spring assembly is designed to counterbalance the weight transferred when opening and closing the ramp door. This makes the ramp door easier and safer to operate.

Cargo Systems recommends our spring assemblies only be installed, adjusted or modified by the original trailer manufacturer or an authorized dealer. Under no circumstances should the end user attempt to modify, adjust or replace a torsion spring assembly. Torsion spring assemblies, are under a great amount of tension especially in the open (or down) position and can be extremely dangerous when wound. We emphasize caution when installing spring assemblies (note our installation instructions).

Just like any other mechanical apparatus, the torsion spring assembly requires periodic inspection. Inspection, repair, adjustment, and replacement of the torsion spring assembly must be performed by an experienced and qualified door service professional only. Never attempt to service or replace the torsion spring assembly yourself.

Cargo Systems is a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM).

Installation  ·  Spring Tension Chart  ·  Warranty